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Full Version: Seeding problem (settings?)
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Hi Folks.
I am new to Vuze and torrenting and don't want to look bad to other users by not seeding what I have dowloaded..
I have downloaded 7 items and some of them seed OK, one shows a share ratio of 2.253, which I understand is quite goodn another shows 0.877 and is still seeding.  I had paused this one and then Force seeded it.  Is this correct?  Another item shows 0.078 and is seeding at a very slow speed.
Two of the other items have showed "Queued" for several days and appear to have uploaded nothing.  The last two items show "Stopped".
Am I doing something wrong, or is it a matter of getting the settings correct?
The only settings I have changed since installing Vuze are the file locations for downloads and torrents.  The files I have downloaded show up OK in the Library.