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Full Version: Vuse freezing
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Hi All

Been using vuse for a few years no issues.  Vuse decided it wanted to upgrade and now its come to a grinding halt (

I saw a post that said to modify the VMOptions in the info.plist file which i did.  I assume i did it right as below.  instructions were a little vague for a beginner like me.
from <string>-Xmx256m -XstartOnFirstThread</string><!-- I4J_INSERT_VMOPTIONS -->
to <string>-Xmx512m -XstartOnFirstThread</string><!-- I4J_INSERT_VMOPTIONS -->

I am assuming this is right??

Anyhow it made no difference.  before I could download rediculously fast now Vuse just freezes or hangs.

Any thoughts?

Much appreciated, Mark.
That looks right for increasing the available memory for Vuze.

Does it hang immediately or just after running for a while? If you can go to the Help menu and select the last option to generate a file and then email it to me at and I'll take a look
Dear Parg,

I keep getting this memory available > 1.04mb out of available 265mb just couple of minutes after it launches and sometimes it freezes. Could you please guide how to increase the memory. The help on Wiki went over like a beamer. I'm using a macbook pro.

I've also emailed to you through vuze option. Pl guide.


Where did you get stuck? From :

On Mac OSX you will need to modify the Info.plist file within Right-click Vuze app in /Applications/ folder and select Show Package Contents, then open the Contents/Info.plist file in TextEdit. You can modify the existing VMOptions value string as desired.