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Full Version: Maximum speed?
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I have a BB connection of 22MB upload and 9MB download (actual measured speed), but no matter how I tweak Vuze I cannot get it to go much faster than 2Meg download and 1Meg upload. AFAIK I haven't got any restrictions in my Vuze options and I'm not aware of any inherent restrictions in torrents. I've tried using loads of different trackers and they all appear to be the same. This restriction only shows on torrents - I can DL large files at pretty much the rated speed of my connection. I tried running the Configuration Wizard but that slowed things down all round! Any suggestions would be appreciated.

PS, my ISP does NOT shape torrents.
Please ignore this post - I am an idiot.

My line is rated at 22 Megabits and I'm getting downloads of 2 Megabytes - D'oh!
ah, the bits and bytes game!