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Full Version: Force Re-Check
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How do I tell VUZE to verify the complete file, and not only the parts VUZE thinks has been downloaded.
(I dont use the "incremental" and "reorder pieces" options in the Options/files)
If I get/have a (partly) complete file from somewhere else, no need to redownload those parts on slow torrents.

Suggestions appreciated...

Best regards
Right-click on the download and select 'force recheck'. You might need to set your mode to 'advanced', can't remember (Tools->Options->Mode)

This will verify all files except the ones you have marked as 'do not download'

Hi Parg.
Thanks. I have been experimenting with that withoit the great success.
But now we got swarm merge. I think that does most of what I attempted to do maually.
best regards..