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Full Version: random alert sound
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Since about mid-january I have been getting a random alert sound on my Win7 PC.  It is similar to the old MSN messenger IM sound.  I believe I have it identified as coming from Vuze as I find it starts up when I add new torrents to download.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I've disabled the "alert" sound when download completes in advanced settings and I have scanned my computer for malware.  I would love to get this stupid sound to go away...
Could be the new message system if you're running betas - look at the status area for a speech bubble - it flashes when you have an unread message; double clicking it will show you it. Right-click and select options to turn off the sound (assuming this is it...)
that would make sense. I've left the beta and reinstalled now. I think that may have done it. Thanks parg!