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Full Version: Stream one file on multiple devices does not work
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I found something strange with the device streaming in Vuze (latest and previous versions). 
I have two Sony Blu Ray players in my network, both are shown in Vuze and I can stream files to both of them fine.

When I have one file and add it to both devices (I choose "do not transcode" because the devices can stream mp4 file fine) I can stream it one one player. However after I played it on the first device, the files are not shown on the second blu ray player anymore.
To get the player to see the file again, I have to restart Vuze.
So when I now stream it to the second player, it's gone on the first one.

Does anyone ever notice such a behaviour or do you have any idea how to set Vuze up to be able to have files on multiple devices at the same time without the necessity to restart Vuze every time?

Thanks for your help, appreatiate it.