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Full Version: Advert issue
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When I open Vuze a pop up appears with something about Android. Yesterday it was blank and I could not lose it, and today it mentions Android and has a tiny text saying close. When I click that the text goes blank but the blue outline says put and I cannot do anyuting with Vuze. If I click in the Vuze window the outline of the now blank advert shimmers and nothing happens. 

Help please as this is infuriating.

Strange - try hitting the 'escape' key when the pop up shows. It sounds as if it might be a 'donation popup' that occurs occasionally.
I'm also having the same problem. The pop-up seems to be an add for the Vuze Android App. It covers a large portion of the screen and overlays all other windows. When I click No Thanks, instead of closing, it text disappears in the window, but the window itself stays and is stuck still covering everything. It seems to be frozen in place and cannot be closed. Vuze also becomes unable to be closed. The only way to close it is using Task Manager to force Vuze to be closed. This happens about once a month I think. Definitely annoying considering there is no avoiding or ignoring it considering it covers everything on screen.