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Full Version: files over wifi network instantly shared among devices
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Hi there, I'm not sure if I'm explaining this correctly, but:

I used to share a wifi connection with my roommate and we noticed that when one of us downloaded a file and it was completed and seeding in our vuze library, when the other person downloaded the same file from the same site, the download would be instantly completed, regardless of size. We therefore realised that the files must be shared across our wifi network somehow, despite us not having sharing network files enabled.

I've recently moved away from my old apartment and have a new roommate, and I'd like to know how to replicate the same phenomenon as it would save us having to download the same file twice.

Please and thank you in advance.  
Sounds like the 'LAN Peer Finder' feature - if you are on the same subnet then usually multiple Vuze instances will find each other and optimize peer connections when downloading the same content.

If your router isn't playing ball you might be able to configure things under Tools->Options->Plugins->LAN Peer Finder