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Full Version: Please help I'm desperate running Vuze in Linux
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Version, Kubuntu 14.04 64bit fully updated.

Funny thing is I have 2 machines with exactly the same OS and about ~5000 torrents on both of them, one is working flawlessly, other has so sluggish interface and it's freezing, fucking up the os along. Already tried every possible performance/optimizing suggestion available: Java virtual machine memory usage (which had to be tweeked also on good-working Vuze to be able to work, but that's the only trick that had to be done), classic interface, disk-cache optimization, number of connections optimization, etc etc...

Also tried copying vuze startup file and config from good to bad - nothing!

Any suggestions on what should I try next, including some other torrent client? Sadly, my research done about 1 year ago showed that Vuze is only client capable of seeding that much torrents, tried QBittorrent, Deluge - they break with such many torrents. I won't use Transmission because it lacks many functions and Rtorrent I would rather not use it in console.

Pls help if you have experienced similar problems and solved them. Thanks!
Deluge - now it works with ~5000 torrents, probably they optimized it, and I must say it uses like 2-3 less memory than Vuze.