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Full Version: Wierd happenings
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Strange things happening on my computer.  Vuze quit working yesterday, and I had to reinstall.  Torrents simply aren't downloading.  They load up, but never connect to the trackers.  I display the downloads, and each and every torrent is sitting there with a red frowny face, telling me there is no connection, yet the link (from KAT) downloaded successfully, and started, but nothing happens.  Am i misconfigured in Vuze?  Is there something else going on?

Are the trackers reporting errors (check the 'Sources' tab)
(08-24-2014, 10:34 PM)'parg' Wrote: [ -> ]Are the trackers reporting errors (check the 'Sources' tab)


They are all reporting error - offline.  PF port checker reports the tcp and udp ports specified are open, and useable, but Vuze reports they are not available.  Where can I look now?

Do you have a VPN that is somehow misconfigured? - that could explain why everything is offline.

You could also try running the 'network test' - see the Help menu's 'Network Status...' item
I finally removed Vuze, and re-installed it.  That fixed my problem.  Go figure!