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Full Version: AutoCategory plugin help
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I'm trying to get the AutoCategory plugin to automatically assign tags or Categories to downloaded files, and gave it the following regular expressions..
[Image: 2015-01-13_10-22-07.png]

I tested the REs using BBEdit's grep search functionality - and they seem correct.
However, dispite this, when movies or tv shows are downloaded by Vuze the categories and/or tags are not being assigned.

Can anyone offer any suggestions in this regard?
Not an expert on the plugin, but 

1) Filename matches work against the overall name of the torrent, if it is a multi-file torrent then it won't work on the file names within the torrent
2) Tracker URL matching is most unlikely to work for you - check the tracker URLs in the sources tab of a download

I manually tried your first pattern in Java and it seemed to work OK

Pattern p = Pattern.compile( "^.*S\\d\\dE\\d+.*\\..*$");

Matcher m = p.matcher( "whatever_S11E04.fruit");

resulted in a match.