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Full Version: Vuze canceled my plus service as I need to change payment details
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My Vuze Plus service has just expired (24th April), I have had this on auto renewal for 6 years but my card payment details provided have recently changed. I didn't know how to advise on this and so the new activation has not occurred.Can you please advise how I can provide new card details to you so I can use Vuze Plus again? I wish to continue with my yearly service and not monthly which I see you offer now.Can you please help?My recent activation code (expired) is : Q854T-5K5K2-RZ4E2-HP3MGSee details below that I have in regards to the payment that was due to be processed yesterday.Automatic payment ID: I-1AU0BHXFTTE0
Invoice number: K5JAL-GXXMT-Y5UQ6-5XSHGI noticed that I usually pay via a PayPal account so I am not sure that if I change the details in PayPal then you will be able to process it but I received another email saying you have canceled my automatic payments completely.Rgds