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Full Version: how can I block a device I don't own?
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I just got vuse plus. A device is listed in my device playback list that I do not own. It contains HTTP in its name. I have gone through the vuse windows and disabled HTTP, but I can't remove the greyed out offline icon for the unknown ( to me ) device. I use wireless and wired depending on how my connection is behaving. I am using os 10.1.1 and I do have two devices using airplay. I don't have experience here and I want to figure out what the HTTP device is and how I can block it.

Are unknown devices in the list a normal behavior of Vuse? How can I limit vuse device list to just my devices?
you should be able to right click on it an remove it from the popup menu but go to properties (in the same menu) and get more info on what it is first