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Full Version: Can Vuze be blocking my WiFi?
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I had a(nother) major HD crash and took the opportunity to upgrade to Win7 from Vista. This also included reloading Vuze version (i previousl) used an earlier version (1.8.2 I think).
Possibly about the same time, I started having problems with WiFi.  No WiFi internet connection. (Strong bars but message 'no internet connection') (Ethernet was still giving good connection to internet).

My desktop PC (and Vuze) is connected via ethernet ----- no problems.

My laptop and smartphone connect via WiFi from the same router.

Well, to cut a long story longer, I finally made contact with my ISP who sent someone around who, in five minutes, proved that it was Vuze blocking the signal. I've closed and reopened Vuze several times and it proves to be true . He proved it by showing me a table of 'ping times' from which meant absolutely nothing to me.
I had about 100 files seeding (but only about 2 active with very slow upspeed) and 2 downloading.
Have I done something wrong in the setting up of Vuze as I've used it for years with no problems before?
Now, I have 'STOPPED' all but about 10 seeding files but still have the same problem.
It is a pity if I have to turn off Vuze at times because I like to seed 24/7.
Thank you.
Using Vuze
Win 7
Router Zyxel p660HN