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Full Version: Strange interface bug
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Hi folks, I've been using Vuze since the azureus days and never encountered any problems, but since a recent update there is some strange stuff going on.

For example when adding a torrent from a magnet link, I cannot click on the filepath, or the browse button, I can't tick or untick the checkboxes. I can however click on Ok or Cancel but that is it. Kinda frustrating when my hard drive is thoroughly organized, I now have to right click the torrents after adding them, then go to Advanced-Files-Move Data Files... and then it works.

Same thing happens in the Options menu, can't click on anything.

I'm no expert but that seems more like a java issue to me, so I tried reinstalling it without success... Any ideas?

More info;

Vuze 5.5.01_B20
Java 1.7.0_71 Oracle Corporation
SWT v4508, gtk
Linux v3.17.6-1-ARCH, amd64