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Full Version: Restarting a torrent while using already downloaded data.
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First off, I love Vuze. It is amazing at what it does, especially as it is free.  There are lots of things I have yet to learn about it but I have made good general use of it for several years now.  There is one recurring issue which troubles me which perhaps someone can answer.

I run a Mac Sierra with cable broadband (ISP is Eastlink), ethernet connection, PIA VPN.  I often download a torrent which stops before it is finished. I find that I just can't get it to finish and my work around is to remove it from my library and start it again. Usually it finishes no problems. I don't know why the first time did not see it finish but that is not the nature of my question. I may I ask that another time. My question is, how do I incorporate all the data that I have already downloaded into my new download?  Up until now I have had to discard it to get a new download going, which is a waste. Can somebody give me some advice about this please.