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Full Version: Magnet Links
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I am currently running 2 servers with RHEL 6.5. My first server is the CNC and is running the vuze tracker and announcing torrents out to download. My second server, Slave, is subscriped to the RSS feed of the CNC. Currently when I try and download a torrent from the CNC RSS feed onto the Slave it trys to find the .torrent file throught dht. When I look into the magnet link the tracker shows up as dht://C71CA6DAF088CAA32446EFF4A0FFDA32A0D828B4.dht/announce. After some time it fails with no sources found. I have worked around this by running 

hack 1 t
Once I enter this the torrent is found and begins to download. Now my question is how do I set the magnet link to automatically use the announced tracker URL on my CNC instead of trying to use DHT. If my question or explanation is unclear please let me know and I will try to provide more information. This is the final step in a long battle with the Vuze console UI to have everything up and running to my requirements. Please help me overcome this final speed bump.