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Full Version: Vuze sends port=0 to trackers when both IPv4 and IPv6 tracker/announce exists
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downloading a Torrent that has one HTTPs announce and few HTTPs trackers (one of them is the same as the announce). Vuze sends port=0 to tracker with IPv6 support

all trackers having various URLs, but all point to the same IPv4 address. the announce itself is IPv6. Vuze's communication to IPv4 only trackers runs fine, but the one IPv6 enabled (support IPv4 as well) tracker that's same as announce gets port=0, which yields "Error: Failed - invalid port"

someone who's ISP is IPv4-only doesn't have any issue/error communicating to all HTTPs announce/trackers

my ISP has been running IPv6 for a long time, so my guess is that IPv6 could be causing the issue. I tried hard coding all tracker domains to its IPv4 address in Windows's host file and disable IPv6 on Vuze, but combinations of both did nothing