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Full Version: VPN (PIA) showing different Port to Vuze?
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Hi all,
using Vuze V5.7.6.0/4 az3 and running a VPN via Private Internet Access.

Everything is working OK but I'm curious why something seems to have changed re Port No's?

A while back my PIA Port No. shown in the "Tool Tip" when hovering the cursor over the PIA icon in the Toolbar used to match the Port No. shown in Vuze for the Incoming TCP / UDP Listen Ports when you did the "Help > Nat / Firewall Test" procedure.

Currently my PIA Tooltip is showing Port No. 36005, whilst the Vuze "Help > Nat / Firewall Test" is showing Port No. 43812 for the Incoming TCP / UDP Listen Ports (Testing both says "OK"), and under the Vuze VPN Helper, when I click "Check Now", everything gets a tick and the last line says "Port Returned from RPC is 43812."

I note that in the VPN Helper Plugin settings the "Use VPN's Port Forwarding" box is checked if that means anything.

What happened that everything is working fine but these Port Numbers are different?