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Full Version: Roting Red + VPN Helper OK
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Hi I have a dual boot PC one is Wind 7 and other is Wnd 10. Normally for Vuze I use Wind 7 and is all good, except I got some serious codec compability issues lately (not vuze related) so I start to use Wind 10 and install my PIA + Vuze...etc In past I learned (Vuse) some basic configurations in advance network and VPN Plugin Helper, since I start using Vuze in Wind 10 and configure (to make sure user name, psw, force ip binding, port foward and select network binding..etc) as it should be, 1st Routing was OK (Green) but VPN Plugin was yellow so I make sure I reinstall user name ands psw to bind, it did work in VPN Plugin but now Routing is not all the time Green, it start as Green and after several minutes it goes back to Red and it have "" out connections, I make sure under VPN Helper configurations to add this network connection blocked but still no avail, try every set up I know to force and block but still in VPN Helper is always OK but in Routing is constantly changing from Green to Red... Need help, please

Thanks in advance ;)