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Full Version: mlDHT bug: changes port after a while
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5401_b03 + mlDHT 1.5.5

After some hours run something borked in mlDHT (vuze?)

Tons of missguided traffic on wrong port 1047
Since the last 10h 58k+ packets on wrong port

example from my firewall:
udp      17 127 src= dst= sport=49132 dport=39189 packets=2 bytes=190 src= dst= sport=39189 dport=1047 packets=1 bytes=94 [ASSURED] mark=0 use=2 *1
udp      17 116 src= dst= sport=39189 dport=49132 packets=1 bytes=131 src= dst= sport=49132 dport=1143 packets=1 bytes=307 mark=0 use=2

My mlDHT port is 49132 and the guy send from 39189 but somehow he "thinks" the target port is 1047 and when my mlDHT "thinks" his recieve port is 1143....when he send it on 39132!!

(*1 = auto assured because my machine send it)