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Full Version: Routing Indicator (RED)
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Anyone willing to offer a response as to why this is taking place?
I did a fresh installation of Vuze+ and this started.
​PIA handshake working okay and up/down about 2/1 with no issues.

Prior to the re-installation the Routing Indicator was always green.

​Perhaps it is nothing...
Quote:VPN Configuration
To a large extent Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are transparent to Vuze - they intercept your network packets at the point where the operating system routes them and forces the packets to be sent to the VPN servers for forwarding. However, assuming that your VPN is implemented on your machine as a separate network interface you can set some configuration option in Vuze to explicitly tell it to use that interface. This can be an advantage if your VPN connection is unreliable - if it fails, rather than the OS falling back to routing packets though the public IP network Vuze will continue to explictly attempt to route those packets through the VPN (which will fail, but at least the packets won't have be sent elsewhere)

Vuze options are documented here. First set your Mode to 'Advanced'. Next go to Connections->Advanced Network Settings and locate the interface name for your VPN (e.g. eth<number>). Enter this interface name in the 'Bind to local IP address or interface' box. Now scroll down to the bottom and check the 'Enforce IP bindings even when interfaces are not available' option.

More recent versions of Vuze will attempt to detect when your traffic is being routed via a VPN interface and offer to perform this configuration change for you.

If your VPN provider doesn't support incoming connections then you can explicitly disable these in Vuze by deselecting 'Incoming Connection' under 'Peer Sources' in Connections - if for some reason your public IP address is leaked (e.g. you start a download with your VPN disconnected and haven't bound explicitly to an interface) this will prevent other peers from connecting to you via this public IP.

If you have either manually or automatically setup the VPN interface binding the VPN connectivity status is shown in the status area:

This will be red if there are connectivity issues, for example your VPN connection has failed.

Note that lack of incoming connection support by your VPN provider will cause Vuze to report that you have a 'NAT problem' - this is reported whenever Vuze detects an absence of incoming connections.

Hope that helps?