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Full Version: Auto Shutdown Vuze after DL complete - Defunct in
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After a recent prompt to update Vuze and successfully updating, the preference setting to "Shutdwon Vuze after downloads have completed" stopped working.   I have not changed any settings in atleast a year.  The only change to Vuze was the update to  This setting was always a great feature and hope it can soon be restored.

UPDATE:  After much time, I isolated a trigger for this bug.  When I need bandwidth, I sometimes stop all torrents from downloading and resume them later.  I found that if I use the Vuze Menu>Transfers>Stop All on the torrents and later start them, the Auto-Shutdown will no longer work.  Even if I start DL'ing another torrent, the Auto-Shutdown setting fails. The only way to correct this is to manually restart Vuze.  Vuze will again Auto-Shutdown after a torrent DL completion.  The bug will be triggered again if that Start All command is used again.  So until the bug is fixed, I must shutdown if I need to pause DL's then restart later if I want Vuze to Auto-Shutdown on it's own while I'm away.