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Full Version: Vuze crashes windows 7x64 when checking a file after starting a stopped file
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Suddenly Vuze crashes windows 7x64 when checking a file after starting a stopped file. This just started happening a couple of days ago. When I open Vuze, I have to make sure that all of the queued downloads are stopped. If they start doing a check on the file being downloaded windows freezes up and requires a hard boot. I did a backup of vuze and did a complete wipe, Program files and user files. Did a restore and everything works great until I start queuing up downloades. The files that start without doing a file check downloade whit no problem. Matter of fact, I finally worked out my VPN problems and aftwer weeks of putzing with vuze, I finally got everything working to perfection.

The only major change to my system was a recent update to Java. Here is my Java & Vuze info.
Java 1.8.0_141 (64 bit)
 Oracle Corporation

SWT v4716, win32
Windows 7 v6.1, amd64
V5.7.5.0/4 az3

One huge problem I have had is having vuze reserving FAKE file space on my hard drive. I solved this problem long ago by unchecking the "llocate and zero new files on creation" box in the Files setup section. This is the worst and most insideous "feature" in vuze. There is no way to tell which files are real and which are fake, once the "fake" files are created. I have been doing torrents, off and on, for about 20 years, going back to Azureus and have really started using bit torrents, exclusively, since usenet became deleted garbage a few years ago. I have about 1000 torrents I'm currently chasing and administrating that many torrents is a real pain. I recently created a new download directory on a new drive and moved or coppied about half of my downloades into it to reduce the load on my computer and make management a bit easier.

Being a "download junky", I have a huge movie and anime library spanning about 10 or so 2+TB hard drives. My sustem has 10 sata drives and about another 10 USB drives. Including network drives I have, at times used up the entire alphabet. I am currently trying to clean things up and ruducing the file clutter in that at times I don't know if I am downloading duplicates or not. I have been working at checking each movie file, looking for "fakes" and redownloading any bad files I come across. In the past few years I have had, for one reason or another, had to reinstall vuze and have had to manage reintegrating old download directories and some were loaded with "fake" files. At times my "Move file after download" has failed leaving me with huge download directories to wade through to sort out the real from the fake and the unfinished files. Really a world class mess.

With no easy way, in vuze, to hide active downloads or manage a big list, I have to be careful not to start too many downloades at once. Now that vuze is crashing windows, when checking files, progress has ground to a halt. I have had to hard boot windows no less than 20 times in the past 2 days while trying to fix the problem. Any help would be much apreciated.

Nevermind, problem solved. My new 3TB hard drive where I was running my 'save directory" turned out to be intermittently bad. Sometimes it worked great and sometimes it would copy/read part of a file then lock up. This was causing Vuze to lock up windows when it was reading a file during the check file process. I don't know why windows would suddenly lock up but that's windows for you!

U should leave "Allocate and zero new files on creation" in Windows OS as it significantly reduces file fragmentation during the download process.

Since Spiggot sacked their main developer, these forums seem to rely on the goodwill of ONLY other users. 

Do you want "real" help?

I suggest you UPGRADE to BiglyBT and enjoy what is essentially the same client with more features, without the bullshit and is in constant development by one of the original Azureus developers.  Plus, there are dedicated support chat channels built into the client and during the install process, you can easily migrate all of your Vuze/Azureus settings/statistics and torrents to the BiglyBT client.

I run over 3,000 torrents, so don't worry, the client will handle your torrents with ease and I had no problems with the migration of settings and torrents. It was all seamless. BBT looks the same as Vuze and it is legal because they (BiglyBT, Vuze, Bit-Tyrant, OneSwarm) are all based on Azureus under a GPL License.