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Full Version: Adding a torrents and choosing of Save location issue
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Simply: when I choose a next Save location from a list, or via mouse wheel, the initial Save location (i.e. most recently used) is gone from the list. Not permanently, but until adding another torrent.

Java 1.8.0_121 (32 bit)
  Oracle Corporation
c:\program files (x86)\java\jre1.8.0_121

SWT v4716, win32
Windows 8 v6.2, x86 (64 bit)
V5.7.5.1_B10/4 az3
Sounds like you haven't set up your folders appropriately.  Read and do the following and you WILL get some help if you're serious about p2p.

Since Spiggot sacked their main developer, these forums seem to rely on the goodwill of ONLY other users.  I suggest you UPGRADE to BiglyBT and enjoy what is essentially the same client with more features, without the bullshit and is in constant development by one of the original Azureus developers.  Plus, there are dedicated support chat channels built into the client and during the install process, you can easily migrate all of your Vuze/Azureus settings/statistics and torrents to the BiglyBT client.

I run over 3,000 torrents, so don't worry, the client will handle your torrents with ease and I had no problems with the migration of settings and torrents. It was all seamless. BBT looks the same as Vuze and it is legal because they (BiglyBT, Vuze, Bit-Tyrant, OneSwarm) are all based on Azureus under a GPL License.