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Full Version: [RFE] Allow tracker updates to torrent multiple times from magnet: & .torrent sources
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When a magnet: link is used to try and add an existing torrent created from a .torrent file a dialog pops up allowing one to update the tracker list using the sources embedded in the magnet: link (even if the trackers are the same, which is somewhat misleading but not a terrible loss):

Already exists

Media has already been added as '<file/directory name>'

Do you want to add additional trackers from the new download to the existing one?

[Yes] [No]

However, once one has chosen once to add the additional trackers (by selecting Yes), or if the torrent was originally added through a magnet: link, when the dialog warning shows up it will not include the message and option to add additional trackers, even if the new source does include them.

The converse is also true: If the original source is a magnet: link, a .torrent file describing the same torrent can only be used once to add additional sources while updated magnet: links will never offer such a choice. It would be nice if this restriction were lifted. (If the existing source list were checked with the provided one to make the message appear only when new sources are truly offered it would make the fix even better.)