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Full Version: HELP! Extratorrent closed down! Need new search templates!
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Extratorrent is GONE!  All my subscriptions were based on that site..  Native Vuze search templates are far from comprehensive.  Can SOMEONE create templates for Rarbg or eztv, etc. please and make them available to the community?.  I have no experience writing HTML and Vuze meta search is worthless without functioning search templates.  Vuze Wiki on Meta search is not comprehensive in its explanations for a newbie to HTML.
Why do I get the feeling that Vuze is on its way out?  No beta updates in 7 weeks, Antivirus will not update, and meta search is worthless without decent search templates.

After many years of enjoying  and supporting Vuze as a Plus member, it seems like I might have to find alternatives :(

Could I be wrong?