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Full Version: search results no longer deliver
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Like many people I have been using Vuze for years. A few days ago the search results stopped delivering their normal results. A series I have been downloading one or two at the time, now doesnt even appear in the search results anymore at all. I have tried even really old stuff, but Vuze is now totally useless. I never changed any settings. I have uninstalled and done a new installation, but nothing works. Been reading some threads with similar problems and cannot make any sense of any of the solutions offered. Can anyone help?
Im having the same problem...   I have sent an email directly to vuze but no reply. Help!!!!
Jen, I don't know if my Reply will appear or not.  I have Reply'd two previous times (the past 2 days) and either the Administrator is blocking it or something is also wrong with the Forum.   Bottom Line:  I have had the Same issues as you for over a week.   It's like my old Vuze is gone and I no longer get ANY movie results (which was my thing).    I hope they get it fixed........