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Hey everyone.

I've read through loads of threads and everyone saying they had the same trouble as me when Vuse suddenly stopped downloading.
I found a solution and this is what I did ...

1. Uninstalled Express VPN
2. In the Programme Files: Deleted the Vuse folder and contents
3. Uninstalled Express VPN
4. In the Programme Files: Deleted VPN Express folder and contents
5. Did a PC re-start
6. The first change I made was to Open Express VPN and have it running 'BEFORE' reinstalling Vuse.
7. Checked the Custom Box
8.7. Installed Vuse as NEW.. checked remove Old Config Box 
9. Entered my upgrade activation number 
10. It updated, then came a pop up: 

It said... We see you are running eth4 ExPress Vpn TaP Adaper...  blablabla and asked Do you want to bind??  SELECT 'NO'.

Once it had completely installed it all I went straight to EzTV site, started adding files and Vuse instantly started downloading them all perfectly.
All I had to change (as per usual) was the Queue amount.

Sooo happy. I hope this helps you.

Cheers, Helen