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Full Version: Top split "window" taller than visible area (Vuze on macOS 10.12 Sierra)
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I am experiencing the following issue: When there are split "windows", the one above is sometimes rendered taller than what is actually visible, so part of it remains hidden by the one below.

For example, in the Vuze interface, when selecting the Tags Overview, if there are many tags, the last ones, which should be visible in the top"window" of the main area, are obscured by the bottom "window" (the one showing the Settings and Torrents tabs for a particular tag). In the same way, in the Classic interface, when inspecting a torrent with many files, the top "window" showing the list of files is partially occluded by the bottom "window" showing the file pieces.

Workaround: minimise and then restore the bottom "window".

Operating system: macOS 10.12.4 Sierra

Vuze version: