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Full Version: Cannot access add/edit templates in search results
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Included the screen shots.  I get these 2 errors.  Any thoughts?
Probably something to do with your use of network bindings? The web-page needs to talk to Vuze to access your existing search templates and I guess that process is being blocked
Thanks Parg!  As usual, absolutely right.  Had to disable PeerBlock.  Have no idea which specific site was being blocked since PeerBlock shows so many while Vuze is active.  Additionally, I did not realize that that particular function is web based.  Previously, I think it was locally based.
We've been trying to move away from web-based stuff as it can suffer from these kinds of issues (and more!) - that is why in 5750 subscription and search results are now shown natively. Didn't have time to rewrite the template edit/creation stuff though so that is why it remains web based
Just a little more research revealed E.I. dupont de Nemours Co, Inc ( is the culprit.  I have also found, at times, that addy to be the culprit in blocking beta upgrade downloads.