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Full Version: RSSfeed Scanner - Age column
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Hello, I've just started using Vuze and RSSfeed Scanner, and most things work fine. 

But for some reason the "Age" column under the "Status" tab is not populated with any data. I have a custom RSS feed so i first tought that my tags was wrong or something. But my feed is passing all tests I can throw at it. I've also tested with other feeds that uses the <pubDate> tag but with the same results. 

What is intresting is that the age colum will be populated under the Old/Removed treeview.

So, my questing is. What will make the age column work?

Is it looking for some other tag then <pubDate> or is it using some special date format? Sun, 19 May 2002 15:21:36 GMT is what i'm using and what the RSS 2.0 specification tells me.