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Full Version: Avast reports malware constantly
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Hi, all!

Today my Avast antivirus is displaying this popup every 5-10 min or so.

As I don't know what's the problematic torrent/tracker, I tried deleting some torrents I added recently, but no luck.

What could I do?

Avast doesn't detect anything in the scans, nor Malwarebytes. It's just random when Vuze is running.
Avast must be intercepting attempts to contact a tracker that happens to be running on the same domain as a webpage that contains some content that Avast doesn't like.

There is no risk of Vuze downloading anything that might be considered a 'threat' when tracking a torrent - you could exclude Azureus.exe from being monitored by Avast probably (I don't know Avast configuration options I'm afraid) without risk.
OK, thanks a lot for the answer, parg.

It stopped showing the next day, I don't know if I finally deleted the torrent or something else happened.

It was the first time something like that happened in all the long years I've been torrenting (with Vuze)...

I can exclude Vuze from Avast real-time shields, but I think I'll leave it as it is, at least for now. I usually exclude the download folder, as it usually causes problems when downloading (disk errors and such). But then you must run a scan manually before opening suspicious files.
At least it has stopped (for the moment!)