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Full Version: New unrequested downloads
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I have 4 new Chrome "Website for EZTV" (see attached print screen) downloading on my account and I cannot delete them.

I do use EZTV for torrents, but did not request these, and I would like to delete. Also since they began installing themselves I cannot burn DVDs, as my account freezes. These issues all began in the last few days following a VUZE update.

Help, please!
You have subscribed to a 'website subscription':

Find the subscription (click on Subscriptions in the sidebar) and delete it.
Thanks. I tried that, but unfortunately still cannot delete these items or indeed anything else. My anti virus suggested there was an unwanted element when I downloaded and re-installed VUZE.

Please advise.
You suggested I try re-installing the plugins, which I did, but I still have the same problem:

1) cannot delete previous unwanted downloads
2) Vuze freezes my computer every time

I have uninstalled and reinstalled and followed your instructions regarding Plugins and Uninstallation Wizard, but all to no avail.

Is there a general problem with Vuze, as I have requested help from Vuze support, but without any further response for several days (since 21 March). Issues outlined since 10 March. Vuze for me is unusable in its present form.

Grateful for assistance.