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Full Version: How not to be a leech?
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A real newbie question but I can't find the answer in the FAQ or elsewhere. I recently switched from uTorrent to Vuze. With uTorrent it was easy to set a 1:1 download to upload ratio. I'm not seeing how to do that in Vuze, and right now my share ratio is 0.003. Not good.

Directions for an honest (well, ...) semi-computer-illiterate torrenter?

W/ thanks.
Well the share ratio you can achieve on a given torrent is highly dependent on the makeup of the swarm - if there are a lot of other seeds then you will find it difficult to upload to anyone and therefore not get a great ratio.

If you want to automatically stop a torrent when it reaches a certain ratio then you can use the settings under Tools->Options->Queue

You can set a per-torrent ratio as well by right-clicking in the share-ratio column for the torrent and selecting 'Set Share Ratio...' under the 'Other' menu

Or you can set Tag based share ratios - both per-torrent and aggregate - see the Tag settings