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Full Version: Port control
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How canĀ  I change the control port because the 6880 is use by another program
In WIKI it is said :
The port can be changed by passing a parameter to Vuze when starting it :
PHP Code:
See the attachment.
But where can I do that.
The Wiki links to an example of how to do it for Windows

Or are you on another OS?
Thanks but my question is : Where in windows I do that.
Find the location of Azureus.exe on your computer using Windows Explorer - it will most likely be in one of these two locations

c:\program files\Vuze\Azureus.exe
c:\program files (x86)\Vuze\Azureus.exe

Edit a file called Azureus.exe.vmoptions in the same folder as Azureus.exe (i.e. in the Vuze folder) using Notepad (for example)

The file should actually already exist and contain the single line

-include-options ${APPDATA}\Azureus\java.vmoptions

Add a separate line to the file with the following content


(or another port number that takes your fancy in the range 1025->65535 that isn't in use)

Save the file and start Vuze

You can actually make the same change to the file referenced in that existing line


if you want (that doesn't require admin permission to edit)