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Full Version: [Bug] Min simultaneous downloads
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Queue -> 'Min simultaneous downloads' can only be set to zero or negative value, while it should be positive. The way it is I need to stop all seeds for downloads to start (I have nearly 1000 seeds, max active torrents set to 5, and most of them below 0.5 ratio so they get 'first priority' before the downloads).

Java 1.8.0_121 (64 bit)
 Oracle Corporation
c:\program files\java\jre1.8.0_121

SWT v4716, win32
Windows 10 v10.0, amd64
V5.7.5.0/4 az2
min simultaneous downloads can't be more than half of max simultaneous downloads - obviously it shouldn't be permitted to go negative though
Indeed, after setting max downloads to 2, I can now set min to 1. It must have changed with a recent update, because i didn't have this issue until few days ago.
Also I reposted this thread, because the message that it needs to be checked by a mod flashed too fast, and I couldn't read it. I only managed to read it the second time.
And thank you for help.
No, it didn't change in a recent update.