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Full Version: How do I edit/change the rss filter in Vuze
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I've got Vuze setup do download everthing I want through rss feeds. I've recently upgraded to to version and the rss layout is diferent to what I'm used to.

I just want to know how to edit/change the rss filters in the new version of Vuze. Example, I don't want it to download a torrent with the word "web" in it.

How would I edit/change this rss filter in Vuze
There's a 'filters' button at the top-right of the subscription display, push this and then enter your extra filters
Ah, sorry, I see what you mean - indeed, that ability has been lost with the current changes - I'll take a look
Next beta (B04) will have a 'save' button in the subscription view, next to the filters, that makes the filters that you have selected persistent - i.e. they will be applied to all future results that are discovered. If you want to apply your changes to the existing results then you need to right-click on the subscription in the sidebar and select 'reset to initial state'