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Full Version: Vuze is re-downloading files from my seeding queue
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Hi, pretty much a newbie here and I need some help. 

I’ve been using Vuze for about a year, but I’m not very familiar with it - it just works and I’ve never had any problems in the past. [Vuze 5.7.5; Macbook Pro; El Capitan] 

I have about 170 files in my Seeding Queue [and in the /completed file directory folder]. For some reason today about 40 of them are now showing in my Downloading Queue and Vuze is attempting to re-download them. As far as I know I didn’t make any changes which might have caused this to occur. 

I’d hate to delete the files, as most of them have few if any other seeders. Any ideas how to get Vuze to recognize these as downloaded files and start seeding them again? 

Thanks for your help.

Mac Jack
I have sometimes had torrents that were one day seeding appear later in a download state (usually after an application or system crash). Usually, stopping the torrent and forcing a re-check (under the Torrent menu) has validated the torrent and taken it back to the seeding queue. If that doesn't work and you can verify that Vuze is looking at the correct file and that it is still there, perhaps someone else might have some insight on how to further diagnose your problem.