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Full Version: Help with port forwarding with an Airport Extreme, to Vuze via Mac...
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Hi! Maybe I'm getting rusty (probably ;p heh~)... but I please need some help with setting up port forwarding to Vuze, using a new Airport Extreme via a Mac (VPN/socks - TorGuard).  For whatever reason, Vuze says that the routing is good, NAT is good but the connection is firewalled (could it be my ISP???).  So here's my setup:... Mac:Connecting to VPN using L2PT in the Network control pane.  PPP is setup to a manual-static, local IP address (was automatic before - behind NAT - both work).  Proxies configured (with authentication):Web:  port 6060Secure web:  993FTP:  443???Socks: 1085 Vuze:Incoming TCP listen port:  6881Incoming UDP listen port:  6881Socks proxy port:  1085HTTP seeding port:  6060 Airport Extreme:Network - Port settings:Public UDP ports:  6881Public TCP ports:  6881Private IP address:  to manual-static, local IP address on MacPrivate UDP ports:  6881Private TCP ports:  6881 So... what am I doing wrong here xD ;p ???... something has to be off ;o .  I used to be able to work this out a-ok ages ago on Transmission, but times have changed and have become more complex ;p . Anyways, thank you so much in advance for any of your help - anywhere - anytime ^^ !!!~  :)