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Full Version: Tutorial Changing Heap Size
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I'm getting innumerable alerts regarding  my "low memory" and the vuze wiki says I have to change my heap size. I know NOTHING about this. To me it was supposed to be as simple as just having a large hard drive to get my files, but now vuze just keeps crashing or havings spasms.

I read I'm supposed to create this file: java.vmoptions, and place it here: /Library/Application Support/Vuze/

But I just can't understand how can I create a java.vmoptions .... Can someone teach me?
Grab the latest version of Vuze from and then go to 


and set it to 'advanced'

Then go to 

Tools->Options->Startup & Shutdown

scroll down to the Java Options and increase the 'Max Heap Memory Size' and restart Vuze
Hi thanks for the replay! I can't seem to find the part of Java Options.

I'm in advance mode already so I'm not sure what to do.

Some details of my system are the following:
Java 1.8.0_112 (64 bit)
 Oracle Corporation

SWT v4528, cocoa
Mac OS X v10.12.3, x86_64
V5.7.4.0/4 az3

I made a screenshot of the Startup & Shutdown.
Latest version of Vuze is
oh dear, I just downloaded the software a week ago... I thought it would be the most recent one.

May I ask, you know how can I activate the update with the curent software? so I don't have to download the dmg file and re-install everything.

I checked and I had active the "auto download updates and prompt when installation is ready". I thought that should had worked to get the updates on newer versions of the software :(