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Full Version: How do you download your torrents
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My torrents keep seeding then go straight to queued 
I have tried everything to fix this problem on Vuze but cant work it out 
I use a macbook and obviously utorrent on windows computers is much easier but macbooks are a little confusing can someone please help me I have had vuze for a few years and still cant work it this out ????????
I had the same problem in Windows a while back on ut as well as vuze. I have no idea why that happened. So I started moving my completed files to other folders and then delete that file from the interface. Have you tried it?
Once a file is completely downloaded, it automatically reverts to seeding.  It will continue to seed until there are no more peers looking for the file.  It then reverts to being queued until another peer shows up.  if this is your situation, it is just doing what it is supposed to do.