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Full Version: Magnet links "Failed" which work in other clients
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All Magnet links (which work perfectly in uTorrent) fail with messasge:

"Failed"  "&&...   Error :  no sources found for torrent"

Vuze az2, recent install.

Edit: Google led me to , but...
Installing the Distributed DB didn't solve my issue, and I can't even FIND either the Distributed Tracker (azbpdhtracker) or Magnet URI Handler (azbpmagnet) plugins (both Red and unchecked in my Options) on, or "By list from" when I try to "Install Plugins", or by googling. 

This isn't working ideally, folks.  Options|Plugins one can't find to install?
Why are they unchecked in your options? Check them to enable them and restart Vuze
I was an idiiot, I'm so sorry, parg.

I didn't think I unchecked them, but maybe I did by mistake when I disabled a few other plugins.

Of course you're right, all I had to do was check them (idiot me didn't realize they were already built into Vuze) and restart, all is well now!

Honestly, I think I need a good kick in the head this morning.
\o/ :)