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Full Version: audio levels using Vuze drasistically Low levels
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Been using Vuze for many many years . .with both windows XP and my current Winddows 10 . .Picture is always perfect  and the sound decoded at either 2.0  or 5.1   BUT lately for about the past 6 weeks  the audio levels is sooo low ..,, 
​I usually have my audio o nmy receiver set to about 12  13 for a comfortable level of listening .. but lately my torrents  from either YTS  or Piratebay  I have to set my listening levels to about 55  which of course is almost 4 times higher than normal ..

​I use a series of players to try and work backwards fro a solution  but it appears to be possibly Vuze  that is decoding this sound wrong . .Ideas  or solutions?   I don'tr seem to see my problem o nthe forum here  but will post anyway ..
​thanks ..
Welcome to forums!

What you do not include is which program you are using to play your files.  Files downloaded are no different no matter which bittorrent client you use.  However they were encoded is how they play on a player or renderer.  Are you converting the files before watching them?  Are you finding the same volume isuues on all player programs you use?

There are too many variables undisclosed to make any comment.