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Full Version: My Library and General downloads
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Two issues - Help required please

1. In My Library at the top left box, my Active shows zero downloads in a green box and does not show anything downloading, even though I have 440
    downloads waiting to either start or finish. What is my problem?

2. I have many downloads at 78 - 92% complete and have been like that for a while and not progressing to finish. Why is this?

Your help would be appreciated.
1- That have to be queued to show up as active.  Are they?  I have never heard of anyone having 440 files queued.  That seems a very excessive.  Even at very high download speeds, which most people do not have available because of cost, it will take a very long time to download that many files.  Maybe just significantly lowering the number might help.  Like down to 5.  Stop the rest.  Also check your max. simultaneous downloads and max. active torrents allowed in options.

2- Are you showing connections to seeds in your GUI?  If there are no seeds or peers that have the parts you needs, your downloads will not complete and you will have to wait until someone comes online that has them.