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Full Version: Had a problem with my HDD, now the torrent won't resume.
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As said in the title i had a torrent downloading onto my external hard drive, but i had a power outage, those happen pretty often around here, and that causes Vuze to lose track of the HDD and pause the download, so i did what i normally do in these situations and that is to "Force check" or "Force verify" (don't know the specific command, my Vuze client is in Italian), and once that was done, i'd put the torrent back into the queue. One thing i always like to do when Vuze is verifying is to look at the progress bar and make sure there aren't any data losses and to see when the "Verifying of the torrent" would end, although there's this one torrent that's causing me problems: it got paused during the power outage, but it's stuck in the Verifying at 52,1% and the progress bar wouldn't go further, i checked my HDD activity LED and it was flashing, but even after several hours of waiting the Verifying of the torrent is still stuck at 52,1%. Is there anything i can do without deleting the torrent and all the data associated with it and restarting it?