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Full Version: Particular RSS Feed won't download unless I delete torrent and use magnet
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So on a popular site, I have two RSS feeds. One of them does does just fine. Fully automated, downloads the torrents to completion and I don't have to do anything. The other RSS feed I have on that same site always gets stuck at 0%.  It downloads the .torrent just fine but the actual torrent just sits at 0%.  Restarting Vuze does nothing. Stopping and starting does nothing. Pressing that refresh button next to the stop and start buttons does nothing. The only thing I found that works is deleting the torrent, and then searching for it manually and then pressing the magnet for it. Then it downloads perfectly at 6-7 mps.

Any ideas of anything I can try to get the RSS to download by itself properly? Anything I should check. It's just strange how one of the feed does just fine and the other one always sits at 0% and the only difference is the keywords in the RSS.
Ok, I opened up the properties side by side on both RSS feeds and I noticed that the one that isn't downloading has 'download anonymously' checked. I unchecked it. Now I just have to wait for a new torrent to come through to see if it worked.
Ok, so for me, having the 'Download Anonymously' box checked doesn't find any seeders. I also use PIA's proxy, so that might have something to do with it. After unchecking 'Download Anonymously', the next torrent that came through via the RSS feed downloaded just fine.