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Full Version: WTH is going on with Vuze ??? missing eth4
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Like many others posting, I have been using Vuze for over 5 years with minmual issues, BUT over the past few Months I've spent HOURS trying to keep it up !!!! I'm no techie & as a + member I'm really bumed. It seems like after every single download I have to reconfigure, jack with, & screwaround with it for an hour or two, just to use it again !!!!!!  This is getting VERY old. The worst part is I never know what I did that fixed it !!! :(

The current issue is, after finnaly get things working again after every use it messed up again ;(;(  

The Routing goes bad & says : missing eth4 no conections
& now  I have a problem message as well : blind IPs not resolved : eth4

Looking thru the solutions it says I need to set a new port BUT I'm not confident in doing that sence I do not really even know what a port is!
I know the ones I'm using will work if I dick with it long enought,,, UGHHHHH

OK: the temp fix is to reboot the lap top after ea. download not Vuze.... When doing that I get a greenlight under routing :) Yeah