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Full Version: unwanted download
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~~I had so much trouble with memory problems every 1/2 hour and all sorts of errors trying to input my torrents; I have given up and changed to an older version ( This seems to be working and I am going to have to re-enter my 3600 torrent files. I keep doing restarts and reboots every few minutes so I can find out any errors with this version, so I don't waste another 2 weeks reentering my files to another program.One problem does come up every time, is it starts to download a file [rpc.json] wants to run or save; I have been spending a bunch of time trying to find out what this is, all I can find is its a remote startup command, or other. I do not want this and I can't find out how to stop it trying every restart. I will have to try another older version if necessary; I would like to have some help on this soon since I have only invested about 2 days (12 hours) on this version so far.
I have tried to load this file hoping to delete it, I assume it is some sort of plug in, but I can’t find a program to load or install this also. I found a clue it might have to do with the Java, but again I can’t seem to load this. Another clue that it had to have its own folder, so I named a folder and without a way to load I just copied it in. This was also no joy. Again I just want it to stop popping up every start and I don’t need or want any remote usage on this program.THXAlso . . . I have been having trouble every few months or so with my uTorrent that I have used for about 3 years; after about 12,000 torrent files loaded to reseed (on my audiobook private/sharing network). It seems to crap out at that point. I have in the last 3 or 4 months tried another 3 different clients and they have the same sort of error problem at an even lower number, about 5 – 7,000. I had hoped that this program would do better. I can’t find any mention of a max limit of torrents; if someone knows more about this I would appreciate an answer.

         THX again.