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Full Version: Beta 15 OK, B16 no subscription update
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Is anyone else experiencing no subscription update after upgrading to B16?  In trying to figure out this problem, I did a restore to a backup I have, which had as its core program B15 and had no problem with subscriptions updating.
Hmm, they seem to be updating OK for me. Have you looked at the Subscription_1.log and Subscription_2.log files in the logs directory to see if there are any errors?

Thanks for responding.  I have been wrestling with this for weeks now.  It does not seem, at this point to be version related.  When I restore from a back up, all the subscriptions update but do not update again.  Sometimes they will update when I do a restart, but then they sit there for hours doing nothing when I have them set for 120 minutes.  Eventually, they will not update even when I do a restart.  Oddly, they will all update manually, but I have so many subscriptions that it is impractical to update them all manually.  I have taken down all my security. checked my firewall, and removed the program all together via clean uninstall and reinstalled the last official version.  Nothing is working thus far.  I have looked at my subscription log and see nothing showing an error.  I would be happy to convey them to you if you want to look at them.  I only see one sub log, maybe because I reinstalled?

Any thoughts would me most appreciated.

The Subscriptions_?.log file(s) should show what subscriptions are scheduled for auto-download and also records the outcome of their downloads so might well indicate what is going on - if you want to generate a '' (Help menu, last option) and send it over I can take a look. Thanks!
I have sent it via email to  Today, upon opening Vuze after booting my computer for the day, there is no auto updating at all, although I can update them all manually.  Is there a way to evoke manual updating of all my subscriptions at once instead of updating them individually? Of course, that would just be a work around to them not auto-updating.